Mission Statement

Asian Pacific Americans for Liberation (APAL) is committed to creating an inclusive and critical space for the Asian Pacific American (APA) communities on campus. Guided by a strong socio-political consciousness, APAL is dedicated to promoting awareness and education of Asian Pacific American issues to our communities, both at Occidental and beyond. Additionally, APAL aims to empower APA students on campus by building community and providing meaningful support as students navigate their undergraduate careers. APAL is an active and sustainable resource on campus for APA students to talk about issues with and within the APA community. We are committed to supporting the APA community on campus, in the form of connecting students to faculty and bridging API organizations. Furthermore, we seek to develop off campus relationships by considering APA issues tied to a historical continuum of empowerment and struggle. APAL seeks to cultivate an understanding that APA issues are deeply tied to social justice issues of other marginalized communities. Therefore, APAL will work to stand in solidarity with these communities, while maintaining our own distinct racial identity. Our ultimate goal is to serve the APA students and student leaders on campus and to look at APA and social justice issues with a critical, informed and actively engaged lens.


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